What hooked me on Facebook, all those years ago, was the ability to share an article I was reading with like-minded people and have a private conversation about it.

In recent years, Facebook has fucked its algorithm, accidentally and intentionally. For a while, it seemed to encourage content sharing, right up until it got dinged in a moral panic about ‘fake news.’  Article shares now get much lower reach. Posts about life events appear to get a lot more reach, and the Newsfeed will show you the same posts again, and again, and again, just because new comments have been added to them.

For a while, Twitter was what I used when I wanted an open conversation. As my follower count crept up on 2,000 I realised it wasn’t fun anymore; I post on sensitive topics (race, culture, sexuality) and the pile-on potential was too damn high. I closed that account and started a new one, with under 100 followers, and Twitter was fun again! — right up until they started showing me screensful of tweets from people I didn’t follow.

So this blog is an experiment. I’m going back to blogging — specifically, micro-blogging. The posts will be quotes from and links to the articles I’m reading. Comments are welcome. You can comment with a WordPress.com account. which does not require you to make a blog of your own. There’s one rule: if you are rude, I will block you.

I don’t recommend following this blog by e-mail, as posts and comments will generate a lot of e-mail traffic. Rather, when you join WordPress.com, you can click Follow (bottom of the page) and view updates in the Reader which appears when you visit WordPress.com. You can click ‘Recent updates’ to see, well, recent updates. You can also tag people in your comments — type @ to see a list of other participants — and comments where you have been @-ed will appear in ‘My mentions’.